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NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming - 8 day Licensed Practitioner Course**
NLP PRACTITIONER - THE ATTITUDE TO SUCCEED - What would you do if you knew you could not fail? NLP is the key to mastering your own brain. It is the study of human excellence, the difference between someone who is merely competent in life and someone who excels in life. NLP is the study and application of thinking, language and behaviour and how these insights will benefit you to become a better communicator, goal setter and achiever. You will learn the skills to elicit change and create the person you wish to be. Who will benefit from this course? Everyone who wishes to develop as a person or as a leader and be the best that they can be in all that they do.
NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming - 10 dayLicensed Master Practitioner Course**
NLP MASTER - THE ATTITUDE TO SUCCEED EVEN FURTHER - Take your communication skills, goal setting skills and success achievements to the next level. Learn not only to do this for yourself but for others too. Master the creative and innovative applications of NLP with specific patterns and filters to allow you to create your own NLP techniques. Learn these NLP skills for business, education, therapy, teaching, sales and personal development.
** Each course is presented by a certified NLP trainers with the SNLP (Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming) and your certificate will be signed by Dr Richard Bandler co-creator of NLP™.
Callahan Techniques Thought Field Therapy - 2 day Certified Algorithm Course
This introductory level algorithm course in Callahan Techniques TFT is a highly effective method of rapid psychotherapy which teaches the most common treatment sequences that have been thoroughly developed through TFT Causal Diagnosis. Once learnt, you can begin in as little as a few hours to eliminate a variety of psychological, emotional and physical issues with this amazing technique.
Thought Field Therapy is based on the time honoured principles of ancient Chinese acupuncture techniques, applied kinesiology and contemporary clinical psychology. It taps into the body’s information system sending a clear and precise coded message through the body’s energy system, clearing blockages, all without the use of acupuncture needles, drugs or other invasive means.
TFT offers a measurable, rapid and permanent treatment in the often complete removal of emotional based problems and is referred to as “The Power Therapy of the 21st Century” because of its high level of effectiveness.
This course combines perfectly with the Callahan Techniques TFT Algorithm course and can be taken at a greatly reduced price when booked at the same time.
Weight no Longer! - Weight Loss - 1 Day Workshop Seminar
No Dieting, No Willpower, No Problem! Practitioner’s training for working with clients. Learn dynamic and effective techniques to help your clients change their minds about exercising; what, when and how much they eat. Using a powerful combination of cutting edge techniques to re-programme their mind and make weight loss inevitable and permanent. You will gain valuable information and skills to run successful workshops or offer a one to one package for your clients. Teach your clients these simple steps and techniques and they are guaranteed to look and feel great.
Compassion Fatigue Self-Help - 1 Day Workshop Seminar
This seminar is a must for you if you work in any of the caring sectors, eg.  within the NHS, Special Forces, teaching, childcare, care homes or home care and therapy work etc. and you wish to continue enjoying your work and caring with compassion . Discover how you can learn to recognise and manage your early signs and symptoms associated with secondary trauma stress before you need to. Throughout the day we will help and guide you to devise your own plan to monitor your wellbeing within your workplace and all areas of your life. While Compassion Fatigue is often disruptive, depressive, and irritating, an awareness of the symptoms and their negative effect on your life, along with a plan of action can lead to positive change, personal transformation, and a new resiliency. Safeguard your sanity and career with these tools and techniques, and find a new level of job satisfaction.
Recognise and Eliminate Your T     xins - 1 Day Workshop Seminar
Toxins can cause psychological, emotional and physical problems! A toxin can be anything you eat, drink, inhale or touch that causes an undesired effect on your body, energy and immune system. Who will benefit from this workshop? This Toxin course is essential for doctors, therapy workers, nutritionalist and for you to improve and maintain personal wellbeing. Toxins can affect the success rate of any therapy treatment, our daily performance, memory, emotions, healing, learning and the effectiveness of prescribed medication. Toxins affect us all at sometime or other and knowing how to identify your individual toxins, those of your family and clients and treat or avoid as necessary, is essential to living longer and healthier. With this 1 day workshop seminar you will learn how to identify your own, and other people’s individual toxins and how to neutralise them with TFT and Kinesiology. This course combines perfectly with the Callahan Techniques TFT Algorithm course and can be taken at a greatly reduced price when booked at the same time.
The LAW Unlimited 2 Day Workshop Seminar
The Law of Attraction Workshop Unlimited - Learn and understand the power of your thoughts, feelings and how we can use this knowledge to make incredible improvements in all areas of our lives. Whether you want to change any negative aspects or attract more positivity, this two day workshop will take you step by step through the simple processes of applying the Law of Attraction to create the life you desire. We’ll also be teaching you tools and techniques to eliminate deep unconscious blockages from yours and your ancestors past, which may be holding you back from unlocking the power within you for lifelong happiness and success. The Secret’s out! The benefits you will achieve are only limited by your own imagination, so start dreaming!

NLP Practitioners Course - Module 1
11th &12th July
To Be Confirmed
NLP Practitioners Course - Module 2
19th & 20th September
To Be Confirmed
NLP Practitioners Course - Module 3
10th & 11th October
To Be Confirmed
NLP Practitioners Course - Module 4
14th & 15th November
To Be Confirmed


Welcome to Synergise Unlimited!

"Powerful Strategies, helping you to make more of life, more easily, more often"


Hello! My name is Penni Mead and welcome to my new website. 
For many years I wanted to be able to help others in distress, but could not decide which therapy would have the most impact on my clients (I wanted a therapy with a high success rate, as I will only accept the best results possible for my clients).

Then I discovered TFT, NLP and Hypnosis through Paul McKenna. I decided that there is no better training in these feilds than with the founders and developers, Dr Roger Callahan (TFT), Dr Richard Bandler (NLP) and world renowned Hypnotist, Paul McKenna. Now, not only my life has changed, but I can change other peoples lives for the better.

These therapies represent a breakthrough in conquering emotional distress, anxieties, phobias and even in some cases physical ailments (see Treatment list).

TFT, NLP and Hypnosis can provide dynamic results in a very short time, allowing you to take back control of your life and achieve your dreams.


Whatever the source of your physical, mental or emotional  dis-ease, there is always room for improvement and life changing experiences.

Where nothing else works, these remarkable therapies effectively resolve even complex problems from the past.

Take that step closer to the future you want and discover your potential!

If you, like me, are feeling excited about the prospect of changing for the better, then I look forward to seeing and treating you very soon.

Have a browse throught the many pages offering so much more detail on the therapies I use, the trainings and workshop seminars I offer, the mind blowing products that you can buy from the Synergise shop and other pages with news, articles, photo gallery and fun stuff - go on get stuck in!
Many thanks

Penni Mead TFT Dx. RCT MPNLP Hyp. Reiki II

You can contact me on 0808 202 7881 (freephone), or via email:

I am based in Rayleigh, Essex, but have a consultation room in Billericay, Essex and am able to visit your home if required.